Temporary Propane Service

A Complete Home Inspection Is Possible Without Propane Service On Site.







Foreclosed / Bank Owned Properties

The Problem

Many bank owned properties these days have leased propane tanks on site. However the regulator is usually removed and in some cases the tank may be empty as well.

A complete home inspection often requires the buyer to arrange with a local propane company to reinstall the regulator and provide enough propane for the inspection. With propane costs over $2.00 a gallon and propane companies reluctant to deliver less than 100 gallons not to mention the regulator, costs can get out of control quickly.

The Solution

I can provide all the propane needed to complete the home inspection as well as the appropriate regulator and fittings.

Vacation Or Vacant Properties

Similar Problem Same Solution

Vacant or part-time properties can often have the same issues, luckily the solution is the same.