Commercial Property Inspections

We focus on helping you assess the risks and costs of commercial and high-end residential properties.

Types of properties we regularly inspect:

restaurants, storage facilities, industrial properties, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, churches, warehouses, medical centers, schools, office buildings, apartment buildings, strip malls, motels, shopping malls, hotels, long-term care facilities, vacant properties, and high-end residential estates.

Inspection services we offer:

commercial property inspections, investor’s due diligence inspections, roof certifications, site work inspections, decision analysis, limited-scope inspections, pre-listing seller inspections, cost management inspections, insurance inspections, litigation inspections, reserve studies, capital reserve inspections, construction draw inspections, loan servicing inspections, portfolio reviews, loan origination inspections, capital improvement inspections, annual maintenance inspections, project quality-control oversight, indoor air quality, energy auditing, green building consulting, accessibility inspections, fire door inspections, chimneys, energy loss, lead, methamphetamine labs, mold, new construction, pools, spas, radon, stucco, EIFS, thermal imaging, water quality, WDO, pests, barns, vacant property monitoring, and discreet residential inspections for public figures.

Our clients include:

investors, banks, landlords, tenants, property managers, building owners, government agencies, homeowner associations, insurance companies, absentee owners, celebrities, sports figures and executives.

Standards of Practice:

We use the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties as a baseline for performing commercial property inspections.


Every project is different.  Let me help you determine exactly what inspection package would best serve your needs.

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