Temporary Electrical Service

A Complete Home Inspection is possible without electrical service from the local utility company.







Need Power?

Many properties today have been sitting for extended periods of time without electrical service or maintenance. As a result, utility companies are starting to refuse electrical service connection unless expensive repairs are made.

A complete Home Inspection requires electricity, but the buyer doesn’t want to invest a fortune in a house they may decide not to buy. Without an inspection the buyer has no idea how much repairs could end up costing.

What is the solution?

Electrical Service Analysis & Temporary Supply. I will evaluate the electrical system and then supply enough power to perform a complete Home Inspection including major appliances.


Safety first.

Temporary power is applied to the homes electrical system only after a thorough check for ground faults and or other safety hazards.

If an unsafe condition is discovered, every effort will be made to energize as much of the system as possible without endangering human life, the home, or its systems.

Any findings will be noted in the report.